Form For Function.

In 1970 Ernest Igl designed a desk. Its revolutionary form and unique manufacturing process made it an immediate icon, redefining design standards. Free from the conventions of fashion and technology, and unconstrained by the need of compatibility, the igl jet got its very own expression. Under license of Sensufaktur Tobias Brandstetter this classic design is now being manufactured again. With modern materials and state of the art-production method every single item still stays a non-industrial piece made in Germany.


In addition to its iconic shape, the igl jet's special identity is expressed through its extensive range of color schemes and inidividual looks. By harmonizing the effect of surfaces and contours, a unique spectrum of visual aesthetics opens up.



The desk is made of a special high-grade polyurethane mix that is 100% recyclable. It comes in a soft matt finish and is available in customized colors.

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It is set up without any tools by using a simple system to join the table top with the drawers‘ containers. On each side of the desk there are three steel, full-extension, soft-stop drawers.
(B, H, D): 170 x 73 x 82 cm, Weight: ca. 90kgs

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The igl jet on stage.


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